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Having proved by age 14 that nuns WERE out to get me, I was introduced to other children. It was too little, too late.

First female line officer to be commissioned through Syracuse U. ROTC.

Took early retirement after DS. Tailhook pushed me off the ledge but the whole PACOM thing was horrific. Became a permanent scholar at UH-Manoa until they made me surrender my library card. In return, they me a PhD. in American Studies.

Went to New Orleans, fell in love. Moved there 11 months after the Fed-flood.

Married my blues musician husband the night the New Orleans Saints won the NFL Championship.

He keeps trying to die on me, rising from his death bed to play Jazzfest and back to the heart/back doctor.

Lost my land based home to the banks. The VA was a day late and a dollar short to save it. Illegal demo work down the street destroyed its structural integrity. But the concrete asbestos roof and Isaac damage is now not my problem.

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Living on my 1977 Pacemaker Tri-cabin Fly bridge motor yacht 'Sabbatical.' My mahogany dreadnaught. A floating tank. The Bentley of yachts in its time and a classic now. Think 'floating Hobbit hole.

Toying with editing my dissertation under the title "Told You So." Or just trying to deal with the PTSD/MST. Commissioned into the USAF 1976. The year after they desegregated the military for women. Sort of. Not really.

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